Heal Yourself, Protect Yourself

Yoga Therapeutics for Self-care

Four live, streaming workshops from Urban Yoga and Me

Four Saturdays in October and November 2o20

$125 for the Series | $35 each Session

Regardless of your age, physical condition, or level of yoga, you'll benefit from these keenly focused, truly therapeutic one-hour sessions. 

Participate in all four, or only the ones you choose.

Each hour will offer:

  • Intentions, exercises, poses, and sequences that you can absolutely do on your own afterward.
  • Specific, alignment-based instruction that will not only help you heal, but will help you prevent injuries and increase and sustain mobility, strength, and wellbeing.
  • A system of yoga that combines therapeutic physical practice with principles of universal understanding — to help you do the best you can with what life has given you, right where you are, to thrive in your life (and on your mat!).
  • And this bonus: Download any sessions you register for, to review and use for your home practice, at your own pace, with no expiration.

Four Saturdays, 1-2 p.m.

  • Oct. 17: Hips, Lower Back, and SI Joint
  •  Oct. 24: Shoulders and Upper Back
[no session Oct. 31]
  • Nov. 7: Feet and Legs
  • Nov. 14: Hands and Arms
Do one! Do them all!

Benefit from a path of yoga that follows an openness to what's possible, an awareness of optimal alignment, and a commitment to proper effort for  your — right here, right now.

Register Now! (https://urbanyogafw.com)

On Deck: 7th Annual Holiday Restoratives

As has become our tradition, two sessions on two consecutive Friday evenings: Dec. 4 and 11, 2020.

Registration opens soon!

This year more than ever, why not give yourself the gift of unwinding and restoring amid the holiday stress and upheaval?


How the Sausage Gets Made
The Art & Science of Yoga Class Sequencing

Three Saturdays: Aug. 3, 10, 17 | 2-5 p.m.

$125 for the Series | $75 each Session

15% Discount for UY Deep Study Grads and Teachers

What You'll Get

In a fun and meaningful style, you'll go step by step to gain a firm understanding of how to optimally build sequences for almost any type of yoga practice. This is a great opportunity not only for experienced, beginning, and aspiring teachers, but also for anyone who wants to learn more about how yoga classes get made — in the best way. Great for people who want to create their own practices.

What We'll Do

  • Session 1: Class setup and structure; a brief history of asana; types of yoga and their relationship to sequencing; the major categories of poses; the relationships between sequences and teaching themes and between sequencing and anatomy … and asana!

  • Session 2: General class templates (with handouts!); speaking to the body; transitions and guidance; demos and partner work; deconstructing poses to inform class sequences; partner work to create sequences … and asana!

  • Session 3: Integrating a theme; group practice with teams or individuals leading their sequences and getting feedback and support.

Rocking the 'Gita
An Ancient Tale That Speaks to Life's Hard Choices Right Here, Right Now

Two Saturdays, Sept. 21, 28 | 2-5 pm.
Both Sessions, $90 | Single Session, $50
Urban Teacher and Deep Study graduate discount: 15%

The  first words that came to Robert Oppenheimer's mind after he witnessed the world's first nuclear explosion were two verses from the Bhagavad Gita: 

"If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst at once into the sky, that would be like the splendor of the mighty one..."
"Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."

The 'Gita indeed is powerful stuff. 

What It Is
The 'Gita is an ancient epic poem that recounts the conversation between Arjuna, a warrior, and his charioteer Krishna, the manifestation of God, on the battlefield where Arjuna has lost his will to fight. Their conversation has become the keystone for many philosophical, moral, and spiritual studies of dharma — understanding one's duty, the right action to take, the laws of cause and effect, and the role of  conscience.

The poem has also been a source for investigating the duality (or not) of individuals and god, and the essence of pure love. It also defines a blueprint for the studies of different forms of yoga and paths to enlightenment.

What We'll Do
Participants who register in advance will be asked to read a specific interpretation of the 'Gita before the workshops. Others can read a version between the two sessions. Don't worry: No one is required to read the text in advance at all. But you'll have more fun if you do. (A list of options will be provided.)

We'll dive into the 'Gita's messages, and different interpretations for life on and off the mat, through guided  discussions as a whole group and also in smaller circles, if enrollment permits.

The sessions will also include a modicum of asana (who wants to sit for three hours?) and meditation.

6th Annual Holiday Traditional Restoratives 

TWO Friday Evening Sessions: Dec. 6 and 13 | 6-8pm.
Each session: $35 in advance | $40 at the door

Attend one or both! Solo or with a friend!

NOTE: Themes are may be updated. Below are descriptions of the themes I've used to guide previous Holiday Restorative Workshops.

Open the Four Houses of the Heart

When you practice to cultivate the four overarching desired attributes of the heart, every decision you make and every action you take — toward yourself and others —becomes clearer, easier, more centered, and healthier.

Open to the Four Agreements

The life-altering Four Agreements of teacher and healer Don Miguel Ruiz are simple to learn and a challenge to apply in our lives. But they reveal the source of self-limiting beliefs and offer a code of conduct that can rapidly transform our lives.


What We’ll Do

In both sessions, with the full support of the floor and props (no standing poses!), and with accompanying live music and focusing techniques, you’ll be safely and gently guided into poses that you’ll settle deeply into for up to 15 minutes.


What You’ll get

Regardless of your age or level of yoga — even if you’ve never done a stitch of yoga in your life — you can thoroughly immerse yourself in either or both of these restorative yoga journeys. On Dec. 8, dive into four highest qualities of the heart: loving kindness; compassion; appreciative joy; and equanimity. On Dec. 15, open to the Four Agreements: be impeccable with your word; don’t assume; take nothing personally; do your best in any given situation.