"Your Wings of the Heart shoulders workshop was superb. It has had a profound positive impact on my energy levels. Those of us who attended are shining in class this week. Your efforts, knowledge and passion for yoga are greatly appreciated." 

- Patricia F. 

"My first lesson was really great. The next day it was like I felt (nearly) all of my muscles for the first time - wow!"

-Christine P. 

“I tried to find the right yoga class for four years. No one but Lou took the time to help me deal with my personal health issues.
His gentle and caring approach enabled me to practice successfully despite a 20-year history of chronic back and joint problems.
I saw a huge improvement after only a single individualized session – a change that massage, chiropractic, physical therapy,
nerve blocks and acupuncture combined had not been able to effect!”

- Carol C. 

“It is hard for me to put into words the unfolding of my extremely positive experience with Lou and Anusara Yoga. So I will say simply as I 
continue to work with Lou, this is what is happening:
I feel strong.
I feel opened.
I feel home.
I feel safe.
I thank you for being willing to listen, Lou, to your inner guidance and for your extreme generosity and authenticity.
I particularly appreciate the point of coming from strength and core first then you begin to open and expand.”m strength and core first
then you begin to open and expand.”

- Colleen M. 

“Lou’s gift as a yoga teacher is his great ability to inspire his students to grow beyond their 
perceived limitations with patience and compassion. His classes offer an environment in which everyone feels
safe experimenting in new and creative ways that lead them to discover their unique artistic expression.”
Desirée Rumbaugh, International yoga teacher and regular contributor to Yoga Journal